When I tried to use the TRS-80 emulator V6.20 from David Keil as a German Model III, I encountered some problems.

Knut Roll-Lund had the same problems with his Norwegian keyboard. To solve these problems I wrote the TRS_KBD.EXE program. It replaces the original keyboard driver and executes the given program with its given parameters. As long as the TRS-80 Emulator is running, my TRS_KBD.EXE filters and remaps the keystrokes. When the TRS-80 Emulator switches to any configuration screen or to DOS the original keyboard driver is activated.

Invocation example: TRS_KBD.EXE /M DE.KBD TRS80.EXE /@CPM80.CFG

With my TRS_KBD.EXE the E0 35 is shifted to 74. The AltGr key E0 38 is not transfered to the TRS-80 Emulator and is reenabled as the special shift key. With AltGr key down some scan codes may be translated before they are given to the TRS-80 Emulator.

If you want to translate some keys you have to create a KBD file. The first number in a row is the old code. The second number is the new code. You may enter the values decimal, hex or octal. As you like. Up to 32 pairs are supported

As you can imagine, I would be glad to get any KBD file from you to support other languages. I will share them here on the internet.

My TRS_KBD.ZIP is for free. I don't want any payment for it. But I'm not responsible for any damage that may occur with the included software. It should work on any PC with any version of the TRS-80 emulator from David Keil greater or equal V6.10.

Special thanks to David Keil and Knut Roll-Lund.